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Member of: Better Business Bureau - Canadian Assoc of Movers - CFIB

WSIB covered, bonded employees - $2,000,000 Liability Coverage - $250,000 Full Replacement-Value Cargo Insurance

Want a legitimate moving company with an excellent reputation that will handle your relocation professionally?
Want trained movers that are dedicated "employees" of the company you hire - not contactors/day laborers?
Want a moving company that will give you an estimate in writing that outlines the cost of your move?
Want to see your belongings properly packed and protected to ensure that they arrive in one piece?
Want a uniformed moving crew that is bonded, responsible, sober, clean, courteous, and capable?
Want your moving experience to be smooth with as little stress as possible?

If you answered yes to these questions, First Rate Movers is the right choice for you.

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ottawamoversJust looking for the lowest price?
ottawamoversDon't care about the ethics or professionalism of the company you are entrusting ALL OF YOUR POSSESSIONS to?
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Hints on how to find illegitmate/unethical companies:

  • Look for companies advertising very low rates...
    This is a good indicator that they are not operating with the overhead of a legitimate company.
    Most legitimate companies pay $14-$15 per hour at the low end for movers and this is usually for the less-experienced "swampers".
    Experienced movers almost always make around $18-$20 as they are sought after by reputable companies.
    A legitimate employer must contribute to EI, CPP, Vacation Pay, Holiday Pay, and WSIB. They must also pay overtime when warranted.
    Simple math will show that it will cost the moving company over $25 per hour (at the low end) for each employee that is working for them.
    This number will often average out to a cost of around $27 per hour per employee.
    Figure in basic costs such as the truck and gas and the company has to charge around $70/hr for 2 movers or $100/hr for 3 movers.
    This isn't even considering operational costs or important things like INSURANCE or PROPER EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES.
    If you see rates like this posted, be careful. It is doubtful that these companies love moving so much that they want to do it at cost.

  • Look for companies advertising cellular numbers instead of land lines.
    You can check a land line to ensure it is registered to a business.
    You can't easily do that with cellular numbers as they are harder to trace - and therefore preferred by criminals.

  • Look for companies that don't mention cargo insurance coverage.
    This is a big selling feature for legitimate companies and if not mentioned could be an indicator.
    You should always verify insurance policies prior to booking with a moving company.
    Don't take their word for it - ask to see their Certificate of Insurance.
    If a company states it is insured, that doesn't necessarily mean that they have cargo insurance to cover damages to your belongings.

  • Look for companies that are not registered with Revenue Canada
    If the company is registered as a part-time business with less than $30,000 in quarterly taxable revenue, they do not have to have a HST/GST number.
    In that case, you can contact the Ontario Inquiries center at 1-800-267-8097 to see if the business is registered.
    (A part-time business operating under the exact name of the owner does not have to be registered).

  • Ask for the company's WSIB number or clearance certificate.
    If they do not have one you have found a company operating in an illegitimate manner.
    Even if they hire their movers as contractors, they are still required to ensure that the contractor is registered.
    If neither the moving company or the contractor have a WSIB clearance certificate, you can be held personally liable for any injuries or damages.

  • Look for complaints with the Better Business Bureau
    The BBB requires that it's members meet certain criteria in order to be listed as a better business and to protect consumers.
    Just because a company does not have any complaints registered with the BBB does not mean that it meets those criteria.
    The BBB can only mandate Arbitration/Mediation with consumers for it's member companies.
    For this reason, many consumers do not bother reporting problems related to non-member companies.